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From our day at work to our home life, technology is a constant part of our daily lives. At VirtuWave we help keep people connected to the technology that propels them and their businesses forward. Today’s businesses rely upon technology more than ever in history. From computers to software to networking, businesses have adopted diverse technologies to maintain their operations. In an ideal world, these technologies work together seamlessly and reliably, but that is rarely the case. When technology fails, the result is often a loss in both time and money.

Managed IT Simplified

Businesses live and die by technology. This is a bold statement, but it’s true. Technology is a must for all businesses today. From computers, software, networking and more, technology is now an integral part of a company’s operations. When these services fail you need them back up and operational as quickly as possible.

VirtuWave’s team of IT professionals will work with you to develop a support plan that addresses your current situation and defines a roadmap for future technology enhancements. Our experienced personnel are experts in the latest technology and infrastructure trends. They can support all of your computing requirements including desktop and laptop PC’s, mobile devices, servers, storage, disaster recovery, software applications and networking.

Managed Services Include:

• Onsite and Help Desk Support
• Desktop, laptop and server maintenance
• Mobile device support
• Server virtualization
• Server and software migrations
• Networking and Firewall support
• Software deployment and support
• Storage and disaster recovery solutions
• Hardware and software recommendations and procurement

VirtuWave is your complete Managed IT Partner. We’re your one-stop IT solution provider with individuals and teams of experts who are experienced in creating and supporting all levels of computing infrastructure and software applications.

Eliminate the expense and management of maintaining an IT infrastructure and let us provide the solution. This means more of your time can be spent on strategic business initiatives and generating more business.

Our flexible, secure and cost effective solutions adapt to your business’s changing computing requirements. We provide a scalable platform to maximize your software investment. Our ongoing training in the latest technologies and capabilities is an integral and required part of our staff’s performance record so you know we are always up-to-date in order to serve you better.

With our uniquely customized service, customer-centric focus, and expertly skilled staff, companies are turning to VirtuWave for everything IT. We help you get your IT together.

One size doesn’t fit all. Leveraging VirtuWave’s expertise in managed IT, we can design a solution that meets your needs today and scales with your business requirements tomorrow. We bring highly secure and reliable partners together to offer you optimal flexibility, affordability and efficiency.

VirtuWave’s services provide a flexible, secure and-cost effective solution that adapts to your changing computing requirements. We can quickly add or remove computing capacity as needed. This means you maximize your investment in computing infrastructure by only utilizing the amount of hardware necessary for your needs.

Our Partner Solutions Include:
• Hosted Microsoft Exchange
• Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
• Virtual CPU, RAM, HDD, and Network Services
• Data storage and disaster recovery strategies
• Firewall
• Switching
• 24/7/365 Help Desk
• Basic Monitoring
• Virtual Machine (VM) Management

Some customers only require physical colocation within highly compliant data center facilities as they manage their own hosting, storage and cloud applications internally. We can package secure, reliable and affordable data center infrastructure to house your computing assets. Our partner solutions are SSAE-16, FISMA and HIPAA compliant facilities, all of which are monitored 24x7x365, at an affordable rate.

VIRTUWAVE Testimonials

  • Virtuwave has been a trusted partner, ensuring that we continue to provide our diverse portfolio of clients the best cloud solutions available.

    - Jeff Collins, Innovative Management Solutions

  • By partnering with VirtuWave, Houston Metro has been able to leverage the knowledge and technical capabilities of VirtuWave to quickly deploy and support a hosted solution that provides the ability to share real-time information without having to dedicate precious resources on maintaining software applications and infrastructure.

    - Jose Castellanos, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County


1. What does “managed IT” mean?

Managed IT is simply the terminology used for the employment of third party outside resources to manage certain IT functions, particularly email hosting, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, storage, backup and recovery and network monitoring.  The term can vary depending on the provider.

2. Why do I need someone to manage my IT… isn’t that what the various “help desk” are for?

Help desk are generally product specific and don’t always account for the totality or specifics of your particular IT configuration.  Having professional IT management is primarily designed to prevent problems from occurring.  However should a problem arise, a team of technicians with intimate knowledge of your IT infrastructure can more efficiently and effectively get you back up and running.

3. I’m fairly “tech savvy”, why shouldn’t I continue to take care of my own IT needs?

For most companies, technology is a necessary tool of business not the business itself. Why spend your time working on things that don’t propel your business forward. Even a minor issue can take valuable time away from your primary objectives. Having a partner that you can rely on to prevent problems from occurring or solve them quickly when they arise is the the smart approach.

4. I have a guy that is a technology wiz and he helps me when I need support… why change?

Technology is changing rapidly… becoming more complex and integral to your business processes.  One person would be hard pressed to keep up with the latest technologies and software solutions.  It takes a team of people with singular focus to provide the necessary management and support of your IT infrastructure to keep you ahead of your competition by keeping you focused on your core business.

5. There are Managed IT service companies on every street corner… what makes you different?

VirtuWave’s comprehensive IT services are designed specifically for small business. Backed by a multi-million dollar enterprise level IT provider, we offer the equivalent level of service at a price that even the smallest operation can afford. Our high touch, high quality service is provided at a a personal level; phones are answered 24/7/365 and access to ownership is always available.

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